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I have been licensed since 1986 obtaining my Novice call VK5NDC in November 1986. In August 1987 I sat and passed the Limited license and received the call VK5KDC. During early 1988 I sat and passed the 10wpm CW examination to achieve the Full call, VK5AFO.

During 2000 I found that the call VK5DC had become available. I believe this callsign belonged to a Mr ‘Shep’ Shepphard an Adelaide Jeweller.

Click here for a bit of VK5DC history .

VK Amateur Radio Magazine online Index

This database is a searchable list of AR magazine articles from 1945 to 1998.

Search by Author, Article and Year to find that long lost reference article..

Link to AR Magazine index

I would like to thank Michael Krochmal, VK3KRO for providing AR index material for the period October 1945 to December 1967.


My son Oliver obtained his license during the month of July 2006 after completing the new Australian Foundation licence. Thanks to VK5PH for devoting time and conducting the examinations.


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