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I have been licensed since 1986 obtaining my Novice call VK5NDC in November 1986. In August 1987 I sat and passed the Limited license and received the call VK5KDC. During early 1988 I sat and passed the 10wpm CW examination to achieve the Full call, VK5AFO.

During 2000 I found that the call VK5DC had become available. I believe this callsign belonged to a Mr ‘Shep’ Shepphard an Adelaide Jeweller.

Click here for a bit of VK5DC history .

VK Amateur Radio Magazine online Index

This database is a searchable list of AR magazine articles from 1945 to 1998.

Search by Author, Article and Year to find that long lost reference article..

Link to AR Magazine index

I would like to thank Michael Krochmal, VK3KRO for providing AR index material for the period October 1945 to December 1967.


Amateur Radio